Flyin Lion 2-Gram HHC Disposable Pen - Maui Wowie

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Product Description:

Dive into the tropical sensation of the Maui Wowie HHC Pen – where every puff transports you straight to the Hawaiian coasts. Meticulously crafted with both quality and user experience in mind, this 2-gram pen offers an unparalleled journey of flavor and satisfaction.

.Experience a Hawaiian vacation with every breath. The Maui Wowie 2 Gram HHC Pen awaits to elevate your vaping journey.

Key Features:

  1. Premium HHC Extract: Dive deep into the clean, refined sensation of high-grade HHC, ensuring a seamless and memorable vaping session.

  2. Tropical Taste: The iconic Maui Wowie flavor sweeps you off your feet with its sweet pineapple undertones and a hint of mango, capturing the essence of a Hawaiian paradise.

  3. 2-Gram Delight: Generously packed with 2 grams of exquisite HHC, this pen promises extended indulgence without the frequent refills.

  4. Preheat Button Advantage: With our unique preheat function, enjoy consistently even vaporization for a more robust flavor and optimal HHC release.

  5. C-Charge Technology: Benefit from the modern C-Charge system that ensures your pen is charged faster and ready for those spontaneous moments.

  6. Elegantly Portable: Its slender design ensures it's your perfect travel companion, slipping effortlessly into pockets and bags. 

  7. User-Centric Design: Effortlessly simple, this pen caters to both the novice and the expert. Press, inhale, and escape to paradise. 

Usage Instructions:

  1. Activate the preheat function to prime the pen for the best vapor delivery.
  2. Gently inhale while pressing the activation button.
  3. Relish in the tropical allure of Maui Wowie.
  4. When needed, utilize the C-Charge port for a quick battery boost

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Customer Reviews

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Hannah G
Smooth and effective

This is a very nice vape for the price. The preheat function is an awesome touch that keeps it from clogging, and not all 2g pens include it (if they do they usually cost $10 more). The flavor is nice but not overpowering, and it offers smooth hits and a nice high. There was a slight issue in the delivery of my order, but once the shop owner learned of it she hand-delivered my products the same day as well as some extra goodies. Highly recommend this small business :)