Super Boof THCa Flower 30% 50/50 Hybrid

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Introducing Super Boof THCa Flower, a dynamic 50/50 Hybrid strain renowned for its impressive THCa content of 30%. Crafted from a carefully selected genetic lineage, Super Boof delivers a balanced and uplifting experience that appeals to both Indica and Sativa enthusiasts alike.

The origins of Super Boof can be traced back to the crossbreeding of two iconic strains: Super Silver Haze and Blue Dream. This unique combination results in a hybrid variety that inherits the best traits of both parent strains, including potent effects and exceptional flavor.

When it comes to flavor, Super Boof offers a delightful and multifaceted profile. Expect a harmonious blend of sweet and fruity notes, with hints of citrus and berry dancing on the palate. The flavor profile is both refreshing and invigorating, providing a satisfying experience with each inhale.

In terms of aroma, Super Boof delights the senses with its vibrant and fruity scent. Notes of tropical fruit and citrus mingle with hints of earth and spice, creating an aromatic bouquet that is both enticing and uplifting.

Users of Super Boof report a balanced and euphoric experience characterized by a sense of upliftment and relaxation. The strain's hybrid genetics induce a gentle cerebral high, promoting creativity and focus, while simultaneously soothing the body and relieving tension. Whether used during the day to enhance productivity or in the evening to unwind and destress, Super Boof provides a versatile and enjoyable cannabis experience.

With its potent effects and delicious flavor profile, Super Boof THCa Flower offers a truly memorable cannabis experience for enthusiasts seeking balance and versatility. So, elevate your cannabis experience to new heights with Super Boof and discover the magic of this exceptional hybrid strain.

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Customer Reviews

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Jt Munn
Beautiful and tasty

Ok so I'll start this off saying this strain is exactly what I expected from the strain super boof the flavors are right on point. If you are thinking about buying this strain and see it has the parents as super silver haze and blue dream pay no attention to that at all because I can guarantee you those are not the parents of this strain. The parents should be and are Black Cherry Punch and Tropicana cookies. I vape this strain every chance I get so I know it well. I'm vaping this using the O'Connell woodworks wireless TKO thorough a Rowdy Glass gilcycler. The high is extremely uplifting and instantly puts you in a good mood with euphoria setting in a little later. The flavor is very orange juice like with a tiny tad of cherry on the exhale. The only thing I wasn't impressed with is the packaging it looks and I'm sure is cheap. I mean it's paper lined with plastic so not the worst I've seen but close to it. At $150 a oz I expect a little better packaging. Oh it did also come with a humidity pack in the oz but I've never heard of this humidity pack and have no idea if they are good or not but the flower broke up very small in my grinder so I'm going to say they aren'tas good as boost packs. Needless to say I had to go find a jar and some boost packs in to store it and hopefully get some moisture back into the flower. Oh and the thca% isn't 30% on the C.O.A. but it is advertising as 30%. Regardless of these issues this flower is amazing and I'll definitely be buying more in the future if available. Oh and last thing I called and spoke with J.D. on the phone great guy and great customer service which means a lot to me.