Gushers 2 Gram HHC Disposable Vape Pen

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2 Gram Gushers 

Step into a world of juicy pleasure with the Gushers HHC Pen – an elixir that encapsulates the burst of fruity sweetness in every draw. This 2-gram pen is designed not just to deliver premium HHC, but also an unforgettable flavor escapade.

Key Features:

Superior HHC Extract: Experience the purity and clarity of top-tier HHC, ensuring every session is smooth, satisfying, and unparalleled.

Bursting with Flavor: Inspired by the delectable Gushers candy, this flavor offers a sugary fruit explosion, reminiscent of childhood treats and summer days.

2-Gram Reservoir: Loaded with 2 grams of premium HHC, it provides longer sessions and lessens the frequency of refills.

Advanced Preheat Function: The preheat button guarantees a consistent vapor output, enhancing both flavor and HHC effect with every draw.

C-Charge Quickness: Adopting the latest in charging technology, C-Charge ensures your pen gets back to full power in no time, ready for the next flavorful adventure.

Sleek and Discreet: Its compact design makes it your ideal pocket companion, ready for those on-the-go moments.

Intuitive Experience: Perfectly suited for both newbies and aficionados. A simple press, a delightful inhale, and you're transported to a world of flavor.

Usage Instructions:

Press the preheat button to ready the pen for an optimal vaping experience.
Inhale gently while engaging the firing button.
Savor the juicy burst of Gushers.
Utilize the C-Charge port for efficient recharging when required.
Inside the Box:

1 x Gushers 2 Gram HHC Pen

Safety Precautions:

Recommended for adult consumers only. Ensure it's stored away from children and pets.
Always store in a cool, dark place.
Use responsibly and be aware of local regulations.
Embark on a fruity voyage with the Gushers 2 Gram HHC Pen – where each puff is a delightful explosion of flavor.

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