Flyin Lion 2-Gram HHC Disposable Pen - Tangie

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Product Description:

Awaken your senses to a citrusy revelation with the Tangie HHC Pen – a vibrant blend of nostalgia and modern technology. Crafted with precision, this 2-gram pen ensures every session is marked by zesty vivacity and superior quality.

Key Features:

  1. Pristine HHC Extract: Relish the premium quality of HHC, curated to deliver a pristine and invigorating experience. 

  2. Citrus Sensation: Tangie's distinct flavor profile bursts with zesty oranges and subtle undertones of tropical fruit, encapsulating a sunny day in every draw.

  3. Generous 2-Gram Capacity: With 2 grams of top-notch HHC, enjoy extended vaping sessions without the bother of regular refills.

  4. Revolutionary Preheat Mechanism: The integrated preheat button ensures even vaporization, making every puff consistent in both flavor and potency.

  5. Swift C-Charge Tech: Embrace the efficiency of C-Charge technology, guaranteeing your pen recharges rapidly and stays ready for any adventure.

  6. Modern & Portable: Its minimalist design ensures portability without compromising on style, making it an essential pocket companion.

  7. Effortless Usability: Designed for all, from novices to seasoned vapers. Just press, draw, and immerse in the Tangie experience.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Tap the preheat button to prime the pen, optimizing it for a harmonious vapor release.
  2. Draw in gently while pressing the activation button.
  3. Experience the zesty allure of Tangie with every inhale.
  4. When power wanes, plug into the C-Charge port for a brisk battery top-up.

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Tangie 2 Gram HHC Pen
  • 1 x C-Charge Cable
  • Comprehensive User Guide

Safety Recommendations:

  • Designed for adult connoisseurs only. Always store safely away from children and pets.
  • Preserve in a cool, shaded environment.
  • Vape responsibly, staying attuned to local legal stipulations.

Experience the zest of life with the Tangie 2 Gram HHC Pen – a citrus-infused journey awaits.

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