Vape Pen Battery 510 thread / Vertex USB Charger kit 350 mAH VV Battery

  • $14.99

These work Perfect with our THC, D8, D10 and HHC Introducing the Vape Pen Battery 510 thread with Vertex USB Charger kit. Our 350 mAH VV battery offers 3 voltage options and a preheat function for a customizable vaping experience. Choose from 8 different colors to match your style. Experience precision and power with our expertly designed vape battery.

This particular Vape battery comes with a USB charger
The Vertex Slim Variable Voltage 510 battery thread is a great product for oil/e-liquid vapers. The Vertex Vape Pen features a 350mAh capacity and variable voltage settings. Adjust your settings based on the type of e-liquid or oil you are vaping.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Do not buy this

charge the battery all day and it lasts for like 30 seconds. you hit the button and as soon as you go to hit the vape it flashes white, broken right out of the box.

waste of money

Doesn't work. no matter how long I charge the battery or what vape cart I use (I have tried 4 different ones) this thing just flashes white as soon as you hit the button and wont heat up. Scam.

rhea colecchia

none of them work at all

Tom Kanzler

Doesn’t hold a charge- lasts only a few minutes.

White lights

I never saw a single response to any of these reviews. What does the white light mean? I have 2 batteries and both are inoperable because all I'm getting is a white blinking light after just a few minutes of use. I now have 2 of these that appear to be useless.