2023 Maryland Cannabis Reform Bill

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2023 Maryland Cannabis Reform Bill

In November, Maryland residents voted on whether to legalize recreational cannabis, and the majority said yes. Two lawmakers, C.T. Wilson and Vanessa Atterbeary, who were originally against it, are now supporting the Cannabis Reform bill.

Delegate Wilson wants to make cannabis safer by legalizing it, so people don't have to buy it illegally. An emergency bill, about 88 pages long, explains how Maryland plans to regulate and tax marijuana for adults. Sales are expected to start on July 1st, 2023.

To keep prices fair, the bill suggests starting with a 6% tax on cannabis sales, increasing to 10% by 2028. A new group, the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Cannabis Commission, will make sure the rules are followed. There's also a plan for a Social Equity Office to help communities hit hardest by drug laws.

Delegate Atterbeary wants everyone, especially minorities, to have a chance in the cannabis business. The bill talks about giving out licenses for growing, processing, and selling cannabis. There are different types of licenses, like micro ones for smaller businesses. Plus, there will be places where people can use cannabis and special licenses to help smaller businesses get started.

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