2018 Farm Bill

Posted by TONYA ONEILL on

The Farm Bill of 2018, signed into law on December 20th, 2018, was a big deal. One of its main parts was making hemp legal. Hemp is a type of plant similar to marijuana, but it doesn't make you high like marijuana does.

Before this law, hemp was treated like a bad thing and was hard to grow and sell because it was illegal. But now, with the new law, hemp is seen as a regular crop that farmers can grow and sell just like any other plant.

This change opens up a lot of new possibilities. Hemp is super useful. It can be used to make clothes, build things, and even in food and medicine. Plus, there's a big demand for CBD oil, which comes from hemp, so it could be a good way for farmers to make money.

Now, the government is in charge of making rules about how hemp can be grown and sold. They want to make sure it's safe and doesn't have too much of the stuff that makes people high. Each state also has its own rules about hemp, so it's important to check what's okay where you live.

This change is really good for farmers. Before, they couldn't grow hemp without getting in trouble. But now, they can grow it legally and maybe make a lot of money. It's a big opportunity for farmers and could help make rural areas stronger.

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